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Discounts for leisure time

Discounts on attractions are unfortunately no longer valid

Dozens of exclusive discounts as a gift with your stay in Lipno Lake Resort

Lipno Lake Resort mobile phone application free with your stay

We, at Lipno Lake Resort want your holiday with your kids at Lipno to be a trully fulfilling and enjoyable experience. That is why we offer all our guests a smart free Lipno Lake Resort mobile phone application, which provides you with dozens of attractive offers, discounts and tips for your leisure at Lipno and its surrounding area.

Besides this smart mobile application, we have prepared also special accommodation offers for you so that your stay becomes even more interesting and favourable.

Exclusive offers such as 1+1 free of charge and discounts of up to 50%, which will allow you to save hundreds of crowns on sports rentals, aquaparks, wellness centres, boat cruises, restaurants, family attractions, or surrounding ski resorts and on a lot more.

Easy and fast intallation – available all-year-round

  1. Scan/photo the QR code bellow or white following URL in the internet browser on your smart phone:
  2. Write your login code. (You will receive at the reception.)
  3. For faster and easier access we recommend adding the website App to the iPhone home Screen (Add to Home Screen).

You can claim all presented offers for a full year after your first log-in!

How to claim your benefits - Easy user-guide

  1. Go to “Benefits and discounts” and choose service and partner whose offer you want to use.
  2. After selecting partner/benefits and opening the relevant partner page, slide down to “Benefits and discount vouchers”.
  3. If you have decided to soon take advantage of the presented benefit, click on the “Get Voucher” link (you must be connected online via mobile data or Wi-fi). After clicking on the link, the voucher will be ready for use at the relevant partner. (Some benefits at are only one-off, but some can be used repeatedly up to maximum limit expressed by the number in brackets at “Get Voucher”, hence the numbers 0 of 1, meaning 0 vouchers were used out of 1).
  4. Now you can apply the discount voucher at the relevant partner. Please inform the staff before you pay that you plan to use the discount voucher and then click on the “Apply Discount” in their presence. The discount  voucher will be depleted and deactivated after clicking (this can also be done off-line – without an internet connection).
  5. The discount voucher background will change from green to pink after you have clicked “Apply discount” meaning the discount has been redeemed. It is no longer possible to apply discounts with pink background.
  6. Please pay close attention to terms and conditions of presented benefits and offers (dates, seasonal discounts, times, general information in partner´s offers), especially in restaurants – inform the staff about applying the discount voucher before asking for your bill and not after your receipt has been printed. This is the only way the staff can deduct the discount from your bill without problems.

We wish you a pleasant experience while enjoying the benefits!

List of Lipno Lake Resort´s mobile phone application discounts and benefits

Bicycle rental Lipno Centrum

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Inline skates rental Lipno Centrum

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Lipno Centrum Sport Equipment Rental - Summer, Winter

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Adventure Golf Fun Spot Lipno

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Terraine trike - Activity Park Frymburk

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Giants of the Ice Age Exhibition – Lipno nad Vltavou

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Sport ponds in Černá v Pošumaví

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Kick scooters rental Lipno Centrum

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Sports equipment service Lipno Centrum

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Inline skates Lipno Service Center

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Summer tubing - Activity Park Frymburk

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Educational Trail - Activity Park Frymburk

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Vítkův Hrádek Castle Ruin and Lookout Tower

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Mount Everest of Šumava

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