Lipno Lake Resort


Book stays at Lipno Lake Resort even in the time of Covid-19 without any worries!

COVID-19 – Current information for the guests

If you have obstacles to the stay at Lipno Lake Resort connected with Covid-19, we will shift your reservation without any charge to a new date or we will pay back the whole part of the price of your stay that has already been paid. This exclusive offer is valid for the cases of becoming ill with Covid-19, for the quarantine in connection with Covid-19 and also for restrictions slapped on travelling across the state borders for all stays from 01/10/20 until 31/12/23!

Please see the link below for the current government regulation on accommodation conditions.

Current accommodation conditions
Conditions of cancelling the reservations
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Hygienic measures against the illness Covid-19 for securing a safe operation of Lipno Lake Resort

All apartments of Lipno Lake Resort are fully equipped separated residential units that are accessible by separated entrance from the outside. There are no corridors and common areas where a higher number of guests could gather compared to other accommodation facilities of a hotel type. The risk of any infection is minimized thanks to this disposition of our resort.

Other hygienic measures