Lipno Lake Resort

Cancellation Conditions

Cancellation Conditions of Lipno Lake Resort

1.1.    The Lessee is entitled to cancel the Confirmed Booking or withdraw from the Contract up to the first day of the Accommodation (inclusive) with paying the cancellation fee (hereinafter referred to as the "Cancellation Fee") to the Lessor, in which case Cancellation Fee amounts to the following in case of withdrawal from the Contract:
1.2.    no Cancellation Fee will be charged in the period longer than 20 days before the date of the first day of Accommodation. The already paid part of the total price stated in the Confirmed Booking will be transferred to a new booking or refunded to the Lessee.
1.3.    between the 20th day (inclusive) and the 11th day (inclusive) before the date of the first day of Accommodation 30% of the total price stated in the Confirmed Booking.
1.4.    between the 10th day (inclusive) and the 1st day (inclusive) before the date of the first day of Accommodation 90% of the total price stated in the Confirmed Booking.
1.5.    on the first day of Accommodation 100% of the total price stated in the Confirmed Booking.
1.6.    The Lessee may insure against the risk of being liable for Cancellation Fees by taking out Cancellation Insurance with the relevant subject right together with the Booking.
1.7.    Cancellation fees for the Agent are always specified in the Seasonal Contract.
1.8.    The above mentioned Cancellation Charges apply in any case of cancellation of a Confirmed Booking or withdrawal by the Lessee, unless the Lessor is unable to provide the Accommodation. The above mentioned Cancellation Fees apply even in the case of force majeure on the side of the Lessee, which is understood as a situation when the Lessee is unable to use the Accommodation due to a decision of a public authority, natural event, war danger, strike, blockade, etc.

The insured: a client who purchased a stay including insurance through Lipno Lake s.r.o., acknowledges that by acceding to the insurance contract, the insurance is made against the insured events. The insured is aware of the rights of the insured who acceded to the insurance, which differ from the rights of the policyholder arising from the insurance contract made between Colonnade Insurance S.A. and Lipno Lake s.r.o. (the parties to the insurance contract regarding the particular cover), and the insured acquainted him/herself with their rights.

Policyholder: Lipno Lake s.r.o., registered with the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in České Budějovice, file no. C13968, identification no. 26100452, registered office building no. 302, 382 78 Lipno nad Vltavou, offers its clients cancellation insurance in regard to its accommodation services. The clients may accede to the insurance contract as the insured upon the reservation/purchase of a stay. The premium is paid as a one-off payment through the policyholder.

The cancellation insurance provides cover to the insured if they have to cancel or interrupt a previously booked and paid stay due to a death, accident or an acute illness of the insured or their family members, dismissal from employment and other events outside the sphere of influence of the insured that are listed in the insurance conditions, with which the client interested in taking out the insurance is obliged to acquaint themselves prior to acceding to the insurance contract.

The deductible of the insured is 20 % of the price of the stay. The cancellation insurance becomes effective when the insured books their stay, arranges the insurance and pays the premium. The cancellation insurance terminates when the stay commences, the insurance against interruption of stay terminates on the last day of the stay.

The insurance is governed by the Czech law. If an insured event occurs, the insured must fill in a form available on the website and send it to the insurer with the documents required.

Information regarding your personal data processing by the insurer is available here.

Documents to download:


 Information and extract from the insurance contract and insurance conditions (pdf)

 Claim Announcement Form (doc)

 Claim Announcement Form (pdf)