Lipno Lake Resort

Bobsleigh track Lipno


A reasonable adrenalin for the whole family on entwined bobsleigh tracks

The Bobsleigh tracks in Lipno nad Vltavou with the departure station 200 m away from the apartments Lipno Lake Resort are an ideal year-round destination for all visitors who prefer an active and safe adrenaline spending of their leisure time.

The first bobsleigh track is a chute track 1 km long, with 21 curves, 2 tunnels and terrain edges.

The second track, which is approximately of the same length, is a roller-coaster track and the ride on it can be enjoyed from the bird´s eye view. Its highlight are 2 curves with almost 360°. It is a unique project, where both types of the entwined bobsleigh tracks are situated on one place in the splendid nature with fascinating views on the lake Lipno. Slideland Lipno is worthily reckoned as the absolute worldwide top attraction.

Parents with children already from the age of 3 will have a field day on the bobsleigh track. Children and adults from 8 to 100 years then easily tame a bobsleigh alone or in the couple. You will be taken up to the start by special tows. The maximum speed is gauged under the lower tunnel.  

You can refresh in the pub Bobovka after the exciting experience from the long ride. Children´s playground and an original slide built in the ground are also available all year round in the compound

Bobsleigh track Lipno

Bobsleigh track Lipno